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Non-Invasive Cardiology
Our non invasive cardiology department guided by Prof.Dr. S. Arthanaree, M.D., D.M. (Cardio) and managed by Dr. M.G. Ethayarajan, D.Diab, M.D. (Cardio) PhD (Cardio) has the cardio vascular cartogram' a novel non invasive technology to detect blocks in the Coronaries and 'sequential ExternalCounter Pulsation' (S.E.C.P.) to get rid of the blocks. Apart from this routine ECG, ECHO, SPIROMETRY, HOLTER, are available.
Heliprobe Test for peptic ulcer and Bowel disease
Heliprobe is a novel technique to detect the presence of Helicobacterium pylori and Peptic ulcer non-invasively. By swallowing a capsule one can know whether ulcer is present or not and also the gradings of the ulcer. Grading helps in treatment and assesses healing.
Specialized Gestational treatment for Type I, Type II, Gestational Diabetes are available.
Dental Department is a modern one with all latest facilities well suited for good dental care.
All Laproscopy surgens are at your services at afforble costs. Our team of 3 surgeons are there for laproscopy appendix gall bladder disease for special treatment.
Obsteries & Gynaecology
Obstetric and Gynaecology department is well planned with a well equipped labour room, prelabour and functions 24 hrs. All emergencies and deliveries are attended forth with almost care. The neonatal resuscitation unit attched to it helps in neonatal care and Phototherapy.
Our hospital has facilities for infrared Coagulation treatment for 1o piles, which requires no surgery, anaesthesia and no hospital stay and there is latest treatment available for Fissure, Fistula and IIo and IIIo piles. Mesh operation is done for hernia at low costs.
The Oncology section has latest Cancer management facilities and all cancer cases are given appropriate care. Latest plastic surgeries are also conducted by super specialities.
All medico legal cases are attended to with great care including accidents, burns, dog bite, snake bite and the like.
Our physiotherapy department has all the latest facilities to treat all types of patients.
Multi Speciality
ENT, opthal, ortho, neuro, uro and councelling services are also provided to the needy.
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