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I was admitted at IRUDHAYAMS HOSPITAL near Hindu College, Nagercoil, Tamilnadu, India, in a critical stage. My Angiogram reports from a famous hospital in Malaysia revealed one 100% block and two95% blocks in coronary arteries. Doctors in Malaysia advised that at this stage Bypass or Angioplasty was not at all possible.
Angiographic Results of Baharuddin Allapitchai (09-08-2007)
Haemodynamic Results

I was counting my days and I refused any further treatment. At that time I happened to take CARDIO VASCULAR CARTOGRAM at IRUDHAYAMS HOSPITAL by mere chance.
First Cardiogram Report (19-03-2008)
Mycardial Blood flow Mapping
Flow Dynamics
It further confirmed the Angio findings and my critical position. And SECP TREATMENT was given to me from 19.03.08 to 31.03.08 (total 35 sittings) and I was in hospital for 12 days.

Surprisingly I recovered well; my blocks got cleared and I could return to my duties.
Second Cardiogram Report (20-04-2008)
I came back to the hospital after 90 days for review check up and to my surprise, the CARDIO VASCULAR CARTOGRAM report showed remarkable improvement.

As per the advice of the doctor, I attended another review on 16.03.09 and my CCG report showed non flow limiting CAD.
Mycardial Blood flow Mapping
Flow Dynamics

Third CCG(16-03-2009)
Mycardial Blood flow Mapping
As a mark of gratitude, I requested to authorize me as P.R.O. for IRUDHAYAMS HOSPITAL for MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE and THAILAND which they accepted.

It is my kind request, based on my very own experience. I will be extremely pleased to help you to get completely cured from blocks without any bypass surgeries.